Sidi Bou Said

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Sidi Bou Said
Port o Sidi Bou Said
Port o Sidi Bou Said
Sidi Bou Said is located in Tunisia
Sidi Bou Said
Sidi Bou Said
Location in Tunisie
Coordinates: 36°52′N 10°20′E / 36.867°N 10.333°E / 36.867; 10.333
Country Tunisie
GovrenorateTunis Govrenorate
 • Total5,409
Time zoneUTC1 (CET)

Sidi Bou Said (Arabic: سيدي بو سعيد‎) is a toun in northren Tunisie (it is locatit ae 20 km frae the caipital o Tunisie, Tunis).

The toun got its name for a Muslim releegious figure who lived there, Abou Said ibn Khalef ibn Yahia Ettamini el Beji (afore he came alang, it wis cawed Jabal el-Menar). The toun itself is a tourist attraction as it is kent for the extensive uise o blue an white colors aw ower the toun. Aw kynds o souvenirs (some no even remotely connectit tae Sidi Bou Said an sometimes no tae Tunisie itself) can be bought in the main street. While stayin in Sidi Bou Said for a few days is no common, tourists frae Hammamet an ither tourist touns uisually come tae Sidi Bou Said. It can be reached bi a TGM train, which runs frae Tunis tae La Marsa.

Airtists[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sidi Bou Said is still unner reputation as a toun o artists. Mony famous artists lived there or visitit Sidi Bou Said. Maist famous is probably Paul Klee. Ither European airtists include Gustave-Henri Jossot, August Macke, Saro Lo Turco an Louis Moillet. Tunisian airtists in Sidi Bou Said are members o École de Tunis (paintin schuil o Tunis). Maist famous are Yahia Turki, Brahim Dhahak an Ammar Farhat.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 12t century/13th century AD Abou Said ibn Khalef ibn Yahia Ettamini el Beji comes tae the village o Jabal el-Menar an establishes a sanctuary. Efter he dees in 1231, he wis buried there.
  • 18t century Turkish governors o Tunis an wealthy citizens o Tunis build residences in Sidi Bou Said.
  • 1920s Baron Rodolphe d’Erlanger applies the blue-white theme aw ower the toun.

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Coordinates: 36°52′N 10°20′E / 36.867°N 10.333°E / 36.867; 10.333