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Zaghwan (or Zaghouan; Arabic: زغوان‎) is a toun in the northren hauf o Tunisie. Situatit on a low ridge o the Dorsale Muntains, the toun haes a mild climate an presents a green aspect. Cauld water frae here wis taken bi aqueduct tae Carthage. The toun is famous for its roses, oreeginally cultivatit bi Muslim refugees frae Spain in the seiventeent century. The toun is locatit aroond 100 km due sooth o Tunis an aroond 50 km inland (wast) frae the Gulf o Hammamet an haes an estimatit population o aroond 16,037 (2004). It is the caipital o the Zaghouan Governorate.

Coordinates: 36°24′N 10°09′E / 36.400°N 10.150°E / 36.400; 10.150