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Gafsa (or Qafsah; Arabic: قفصة‎) is the main ceety o the Sooth west o Tunisie. It is baith a historical oasis an the hame o the Phosphate minin industry o Tunisie.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety has an estimatit population o 90,000. it is the ninet mucklest ceety in Tunisie. The governorate has 340,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate) an an aurie o 8,990km². Its geografical coordinates are 34°25′N 8°47′E / 34.417°N 8.783°E / 34.417; 8.783.

Historie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Historical steids findins in Gafsa suggest a thrivin ceevilization datin back tae mair nor 15,000 year.

Gafsa name comes frae its Roman Mesolithic historic name Capsa. Capsa wis foondit bi the Romans in the seicont century B.C. The Roman pools, still uised the day, in Gafsa are a testament tae its old historie.

Oqba Ibn Nafi conquered Gafsa in 688, housamever he faced resistance frae the Berbers. Gafsa wis converted tae the Muslim an arabic cultur completely bi the Bani Hilal in 1050. Its inhabitants the day are mainly frae the Hmamma tribes descedents o the Bani Hilal.

In the second warld war, Gafsa suffered hivy bombardment from the German army an part o its Ksbah was destroyed.

Phosphate mines were discovered sae early as 1886, an Gafsa the day is hame tae ane o the mucklest mines o phosphate in the warld.

Gafsa has been a region wi an active poleetical voice ootthroo its historie, an various events hae shaped its poleetical contreibutions the kintra across the various phases o modern Tunisia.

On Januar 27, 1980 a group o dissidents armed an trained bi Libie occupied the ceety tae contest the regime o Habib Bourguiba at the time. 48 people were killt in the battles.

In Januar 2008 Gafsa wis the epicentre o a popular spontaneous uprisin against the regime o president Ben Ali. While the government wis swift an brutal in attemptin tae suppress the uprisin, this movement is credited the day for bein the first seeds o the revolution that enabled the Tunisians to remove Ben Ali frae pouer an ignited the Arab spring in the rest o North Africa an the Middle East an beyond.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

El Kawafel Sportives de Gafsa (Arabic: القوافل الرياضية بقفصة‎ (EGSG) is the main fitbaa club o Gafsa.

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