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El Hamma du Jérid

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El Hamma du Jérid is a toun an commune in the Tozeur Govrenorate, Tunisie. As o 2004 it haed a population o 6,259.[1]

The toun wis born o an oasis exploitit syne Roman times as evidenced bi the ruins locatit in a place cried Ghabch. It wis pouered bi sax hot springs o chlorinated water, sodium an sulfur for some. These sources hae dried up, replaced by drilling higher temperature (75 °C). It gave birth tae a palm producin - wi that o Nafta - the famous Deglet Nour.

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Coordinates: 34°01′14″N 8°10′37″E / 34.0205°N 8.17692°E / 34.0205; 8.17692