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Meknassy is a toun an commune in the Sidi Bou Zid Govrenorate, Tunisie. As o 2004 it haed a population o 13,742.[1]

It is a sma admeenistrative centre (caipital o delegation) an a mercatin centre for agricultural produce frae the surroondin aurie (includin fruit).

Its population is explained bi the settlin o Berber tribes (Confederation o Hammama) that nomadic steppe in the region.

The ceety is internaitionally kent for horse breedin purebred Arabians as well as the organization's annual festival o Arab thoroughbreds whose 25t edition wis held frae 13 tae 15 Mey 2006.

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Coordinates: 34°36′15″N 9°36′20″E / 34.6042°N 9.6056°E / 34.6042; 9.6056