Ben Gardane

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Ben Gardane (Arabic: بن ڤردان‎) is a coastal toun in sootheastren Tunisie, close tae the border wi Libie. It is locatit at aroond 33°8′20″N 11°13′0″E / 33.13889°N 11.21667°E / 33.13889; 11.21667.

The toun is pairt o the Medenine Govrenorate. Locatit 423 km - 559 km bi road - frae Tunis, it is the ceety furthest frae the caipital.

This is the last major ceety - 58 101 inhabitants in 2004 - afore the border atween Libie an Tunisie (32 km away). It is best kent in Tunisie for its significant mercat for products importit frae Libie an deemed less expensive.

It is distinguished for its lairge population o dromedaries estimatit at 15,000. An annual festival is devotit tae them durin the month o Juin.