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Commune an toun
Ezzahra is located in Tunisia
Coordinates: 36°44′38″N 10°18′30″E / 36.74389°N 10.30833°E / 36.74389; 10.30833
Kintra Tunisie
GovernorateBen Arous Govrenorate
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Ezzahra(الزهراء) is a coastal toun on the ootskirts o Tunis locatit sax kilometers sooth o the caipital.

Ezzahra is bundit bi the Mediterranean Sea an the municipalities o Rades, Hammam Lif an El-Bou Mhel Bassatine.

Admeenistratively attached tae the govrenorate o Ben Arous, it is the seat o a delegation an a municipality o 31,792 inhabitants in 20,041 while the ceety itsel haes a population o 6000 inhabitants. Ither ceeties there are agglomeratit includin El Habib, 18 Januar an Borj El-Louzir.

The municipality wis foondit September 10, 1909, durin the colonial period, unner the name o Saint-Germain an wis subsequently referred Ezzahra independence o Tunisie in honor o naitional fechter Lazhar Chraïti (1919-1962). Saint-Germain wis kent bi the paintins o Paul Klee made in 1915.

Ezzahra organize a theater festival each simmer. It an aw haes a basketbaw club namit (Sports Ezzahra) amang the best in Tunisie.

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Coordinates: 36°44′38″N 10°18′30″E / 36.7439°N 10.3083°E / 36.7439; 10.3083