Bir Lahmar

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Bir Lahmar is a toun in soothren Tunisie locatit atween Medenine 15 mile north an 30 mile sooth o Medinine an Tataouine respectively. It is surroondit bi the muntains o Jebel Dahar in the wast an the coastal plain o the east Djeffara.

Attacht tae the Tataouine Govrenorate, it is a municipality o 8418 inhabitants.

As its name implies ("well red" in Arabic), the ceety grew aroond a water source, valuable component in an aurie traditionally covered bi desert caravans.

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Coordinates: 33°10′43″N 10°26′32″E / 33.1787°N 10.4421°E / 33.1787; 10.4421