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Zriba (الزريبة) or Zriba Hammam is a ceety locatit aboot 60 km sooth o Tunis at the fuit o Jebel Zaghouan.

Admeenistratively attached tae the Zaghouan Governorate, it is a municipality o 9,002 inhabitants.

There are steam rooms, which give it its name, an a auld mine.

The ruins o the ancient ceety Zriba 'Alia, are locatit atween twa sma muntains an owerleuk the Djebel Zaghouan, the seicont heichest summit in Tunisie efter the Djebel Chambi. Ahint the hammam is the remains o a saunt named Sidi Zekri.

The festival, which takes place ivery year in Julie tae discover the ceety through various cultural activities.

Zriba an aa includes an industrial aurie that benefits frae the skills o the local wirkforce.

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Coordinates: 36°20′N 10°15′E / 36.333°N 10.250°E / 36.333; 10.250