Tunis Govrenorate

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Location o Tunis Govrenorate

Tunis Govrenorate (Arabic: ولاية تونس‎) is smawest an maist populatit o the twintie-fower govrenorates (provinces) o Tunisie. It is situatit in northren Tunisie. It covers an aurie o 346 square kilometres (134 sq mi) an haes a population o 984,000 (2004 census). The caipital is Tunis, which is the modren day ceety at which the ancient ceety/caipital o the naition o Carthage wis based.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Tunis Govrenorate is the lairgest industrial center in the kintra. Openin on the Mediterranean Sea, the govrenorate haes a Mediterranean climate wi annual rainfall reachin 470 mm.

The follaein ceeties an touns are locatit in the Tunis Govrenorate:

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The govrenorate o Tunis is producin mair weel. The share o industries in GDP is broken doun as follaes:

  • Trade an Services: 49.4%;
  • Industry, Energy an Construction: 34.3%;
  • Agricultur an Fishin: 16.3%.

Despite the dynamics o industrial decentralization in the suburbs, there are fower industrial zones extendin ower 273 hectares:

  • La Goulette;
  • The Charguia;
  • Ibn-Khaldun;
  • Jebel Djelloud.

470 industrial companies locatit there includin 175 totally exportin. These companies operate mainly in the textile an clothin, the leather an fuitwear, an electronic an electrical industries. In addition, twa new auries o 58.5 hectares are planned. But the activity the govrenorate haes is mainly marked bi services, mercat an nonmercat.