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Tataouine Govrenorate

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Location o Tataouine Govrenorate

Tataouine Govrenorate (Arabic: ولاية تطاوين‎) is the soothrenmaist o the twintie-fower govrenorates (provinces) o Tunisie the anerlie ane borderin Algerie an Libie. It borders the Kebili an Medenine Govrenorates tae the north. It is an aa the lairgest Tunisian govrenorate an covers an aurie o 38,889 km² an haes a population o 144,000 (2004 census). The caipital is Tataouine.

This is whaur George Lucas filmed pairt o Star Wars, an the ceety eventually influenced the namin o the hame planet o the Skywalker faimily (Tatooine). The follaein ceeties an touns are locatit in the Tataouine Govrenorate: