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La Goulette

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La Goulette (Arabic: حلق الوادي‎, Halq al-Wadi) is a municipality an the port o Tunis, Tunisie. The Kasbah fortress wis biggit in 1535 bi Charles I o Spain but wis captured bi the Ottoman Turks in 1574. La Goulette is locatit at aroond 36°49′5″N 10°18′18″E / 36.81806°N 10.30500°E / 36.81806; 10.30500.

The name derives frae gullet, a channel whaur the ceety is locatit, no frae the ship type schooner, cawed goélette, goleta or goletta in French, Spaingie an Italian.

La Goulette is linked tae Tunis bi the TGM railway.

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