Ben Arous

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Ben Arous (Arabic: بن عروس‎) a costal toun in northeastren Tunisie. It is locatit at aroond 36°44′50″N 10°20′0″E / 36.74722°N 10.33333°E / 36.74722; 10.33333 an is the caipital o the Ben Arous Govrenorate.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The plain o Sidi Fathallah bears the name o a Muslim saunt who dee'd in 1444 an deemed tae cure sterility in women. His zaouïa then gives birth tae a hamlet near which passes the road frae Tunis tae Sousse. This plain, which extends atween the Jebel Kharrouba an hills Mégrine an Rades, haes certainly been the scene o the Battle o the Ad Decimum, endin the domination vandal, which is wan bi Belisarius, general o the Byzantine airmy, 13 September 533.

Durin the French protectorate (1881-1956), Ben Arous named efter Fochville in its upper pairt (hill soothwast o the railway Tunis - Bir Kassaâ) an Ben Arous north-east o the railway. The first pairt is populatit maistly employees o the Company farmer Tunisian Railway Company whose warehoose is locatit in Sidi Fathallah, while the seicont is populated maistly employees who wirk in Tunis, sma merchants an mair recent immigrants who hae acquired French naitionality or no. The plain atween Ben Arous an Mégrine, north-east an the hills atween the road Bir Kassaâ an Zaghouan, sooth-east, are then occupied bi grain crops, the product is stored in grain silos o the Railway Station Bir Kassaâ, an vineyards.

The day, this plain locatit on the ootskirts o Tunis haes a distinctly hame tae mony industrial an fuid processin plants an extensive rail an automotive wirkshops that encouraged the creation o hoosin estates.