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Tozeur (2020)

Tozeur (Arabic: توزر‎) is an oasis an a ceety in sooth wast Tunisie. The ceety is locatit North Wast o Chott el-Djerid, in atween this Chott an the smawer Chott el-Gharsa. It is the caipital o the Tozeur Govrenorate.

Wi hunders o thoosans o paum trees, Tozeur is a muckle oasis. The dates that are exportit frae Tozeur are vera weel kent. In auncient times, afore the advent o motorized vehicles, the oasis wis important for the transportation throu the Sahara, which teuk place in caravans. The name o the ceety in antiquity wis Tusuros, it wis an important Roman ootpost.

In the medina (auld ceety) o Tozeur, ane can find traditional airchitectur, fashion an wirkmanship. Lik elsewhaur in Tunisie, the local population is generally vera hospitable towards tourists, an thare are an aa mony tourist facilities. Frae Tozeur ane can mak trips on a camel, explore the Sahara Desert an get tae ken the Chott el-Djerid, whaur ane can see fata Morgana's.