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Sousse (Arabic سوسة, Berber: Susa) is a ceety in Tunisie. Locatit 140 km sooth o the caipital Tunis, the ceety haes 173,047 inhabitants (2004). Sousse is in the central-east o the kintra, on the Gulf o Hammamet, which is a pairt o the Mediterranean Sea. The name mey be o Berber oreegin: similar names are foond in Libie an in the sooth o Morocco (Bilād al-Sūs). The ceety is the caipital o Sousse Govrenorate wi 540,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate). Its economy is based on transport equipment, processed fuid, olive oil, textiles an tourism. It is hame tae the Université de Sousse.

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Coordinates: 35°50′N 10°38′E / 35.83°N 10.63°E / 35.83; 10.63