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A Collage o Latakia
A Collage o Latakia
Offeecial seal o Latakia
Latakia is locatit in Syria
Location in Sirie
Coordinates: 35°31′N 35°47′E / 35.517°N 35.783°E / 35.517; 35.783Coordinates: 35°31′N 35°47′E / 35.517°N 35.783°E / 35.517; 35.783
Kintra Sirie
GovrenorateLatakia Govrenorate
DestrictLatakia Destrict
 • GovernorAbdulqader Abdulsheikh[2]
 • Land58 km2 (22 sq mi)
 • Metro
108 km2 (42 sq mi)
11 m (36 ft)
 (2004 census)
 • Ceety383,786[1]
 • Metro
Aurie code(s)41

Latakia or Latakiyah (an aften locally transliteratit as Lattakia) (Arabic: اللَاذِقِيَّةAl-Ladhiqiyah) is the principal port ceety o Sirie, as well as the caipital o the Latakia Govrenorate. In addition tae servin as a port, the ceety is a manufacturin centre for surroondin agricultural touns an veelages. Its population in 2009 wis 650,558, makkin it the fowert lairgest ceety in Sirie. It consists o Sunnis, Alawites an Greek Orthodox Christians an aw.[3]

Tho the steid haes been inhabitit syne the seicont millennium BC, the modren-day ceety wis first foondit in the 4t century BC unner the rule o the Seleucid Empire. Latakia wis subsequently ruled bi the Romans, then the Ummayads an Abbasids in the 8t–10t centuries. Unner thair rule, the Byzantines frequently attackt the ceety, periodically recapturin it afore losin it again tae the Arabs, pairticularly the Fatimids. Efterward, Latakia wis ruled bi the Seljuk Turks, Crusaders, Ayyubids, Mamluks, an Ottomans. Follaein Warld War I, Latakia wis assigned tae the French Mandate o Sirie an Lebanon, in which it served as the caipital o the autonomous territory o the Alawites. This autonomous territory became the State o Alawites in 1922, proclaimin its unthirldom a nummer o times till reintegratin intae Sirie in 1944.

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