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Douz or Dūz (Arabic: دوز‎) is a toun in Kebili Govrenorate, Tunisie, kent as the "gateway tae the Sahara." In previous times it wis an important stop on the trans-Saharan caravan routes. The day, it is destination for tourists who are interestit in seein the desert, an a stairtin point for desert treks bi camel, motorcycle, or fower-wheel-drive vehicle.

Douz is a major palm oasis an as such a muckle producer o "diglat noor" dates.

Douz Hospital

Ivery year Douz hosts the Internaitional Festival o the Sahara, a fower-day celebration o traditional desert cultur. The festival, uisually held in November or December, features traditional muisic an dancin, poetry readins, camel wrestlin, an racin o horse an salugis (a type o dog, similar tae a greyhund, native tae the North African desert.)

Douz is hame tae the Museum o the Sahara, which showcases displays on traditional nomadic desert cultur o the Mrazig fowk who nou maistly live a settled life in the toun.

Coordinates: 33°27′N 9°01′E / 33.450°N 9.017°E / 33.450; 9.017