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Djemna (or Jemna) (جمنة in Arabic) is a sma toun locatit in soothren Tunisie. The toun is pairt o the Kebili Govrenorate.

It is surroondit bi the Tunisian Sahara. The ceety is kent bi its A'in (العين in Arabic) which is a soorce o healthy water.

Djemna is ane o the biggest producers o dates or deglets in Tunisie.

Djemna contains ane o the auldest libraries in Tunisie (locatit in the auld mosque). Djemna an' a' contains the sooth scienteefic centre o the Ceety o Sciences.

Ae a little minority still live in the toun. The majority live ootside Tunisie (mainly Fraunce an Germany).

Coordinates: 33°35′N 9°01′E / 33.583°N 9.017°E / 33.583; 9.017