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Aousja an aa spelled Ousja or Aousdja (Arabic: عوسجة‎) is smaw toun an commune locatit in Ghar El Melh destrict in the Bizerte Govrenorate o northren Tunisie, atween El Alia an Ras Jebel, 48 kilometres north o Tunis. As o 2004 it haed a population o 3980 inhabitants.

60% o the male population o Aousja wirks in the cultur o potatoes, their average salary being aboot 180 dinars per month. Syne 1998 a potattie fest haes been held annually in the month o Julie, in which the producer o the lairgest potattie is awardit.

Furthermair, 35% o weemen wirk in the textile industry. Their sellary average is aboot 100 dinars per month.


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Coordinates: 37°08′32″N 10°06′08″E / 37.1422°N 10.1022°E / 37.1422; 10.1022