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El Golâa

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El Golâa is a veelage in soothren Tunisie. It is locatit sootheast o Chott el Djerid a few miles north o Douz in the region o Nefzaoua.

It is admeenistratively attacht tae the Kebili Govrenorate, Tunisie. As o 2004, it haed a population o 7,037.[1]

Like mony veelages an touns surroondin its name provides information on the site. Here, El Golâa means "citadel" (like its namesake in the sooth o Algerie). Indeed, the population o El Golâa oreeginally occupied a heich point relative tae the plain surroondin. Estimatit at aboot 700 fowk at the end o the nineteent century, it haes steadily expandit its aurie o Habitat tae hauld doun the hill an then the surroondin plain. As shown in the photo o the village, it remains at the top o the Hill as ane mosques o the village (o which there are the minaret) an a public garden.

Gien the absence o written sources, first hand, it is difficult tae define precisely the oreegins o the population o El Golâa. Several competin narratives aboot the oreegin an descent o Guelaouas (so that the villagers are cawed).

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Coordinates: 33°42′18″N 8°57′54″E / 33.705°N 8.965°E / 33.705; 8.965