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Ettadhamen-Mnihla, an aa kent as At-Tadaman, is the fift-lairgest ceety in Tunisie, an the lairgest in the Ariana Governorate in which it is locatit. As o 2004 it haed a total population o 118,487.[1]

It consists o twa ceeties proper Ettadhamen (meanin "solidarity") an Mnihla, which are creatit in the 1970s wi the arrival o fowk frae domestic migration. Aulder neighborhuids constructit illegally, they are then integratit intae the master plan for Greater Tunis an it currently forms the fowert municipality in Tunisie in terms o population wi 118,487 inhabitants in 2004.

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Coordinates: 36°50′12″N 10°05′35″E / 36.8367°N 10.0931°E / 36.8367; 10.0931