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The abandondoned auld toun o Tamerza - the white biggin is still occupied

Tamerza (or Tameghza, تمغزة) is the lairgest muntain oasis in Tunisia, kent as Ad Turres bi the Romans. It haes a pleasant canyon an haes an abandoned auld toun. The toun wis abandoned efter the river floodit for 22 days in 1969. It is locatit north o the salt lakes an receives fresh watter frae the nearbi hills. It is in the hill kintra near the mairch wi Algerie, an is 6 km frae Mides.

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Coordinates: 34°22′48″N 7°57′00″E / 34.38000°N 7.95000°E / 34.38000; 7.95000