El Fahs

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El Fahs (Arabic: الفحص‎) is a toun an commune locatit in the Zaghouan Govrenorate, 60 kilometers sooth-wast o Tunis, Tunisie. Its population in 2004 wis 19,315.[1]

It is locatit in the Wadi Miliane valley, surroondit bi mountains, in particular the Djebel Zaghouan. The Roman site o Thuburbo Majus is locatit 3 km away. Unner the French protectorate, the ceety wis kent as Pont du Fahs, (trans. Bridge-of-Fahs), named efter the remains o a Roman era brig in the vicinity. The toun wis the site o a WWII battle durin the Tunisie Campaign.

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Coordinates: 36°22′N 9°54′E / 36.367°N 9.900°E / 36.367; 9.900