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Dahmani (formerly Abbah Quşūr, Abbah Qusur or Ebba Ksour) is a ceety in Tunisie.

It haes approximately 6350 inhabitants an is pairt o the Kef Governorate. It is locatit at 625 meters abuin sea level, 225 kilometers soothwast o Tunis.

Near the village kent theday as Medeïna, 9 km tae the soothwast, is the archaeological site o Althiburos an ancient numidian ceety, an umwhile Roman toun hall.

Frae 1941 on, it became a parish o the Bishop o Tunisia. In 1943 it accommodatit the American troops engaged in the combat on t'African front durin Warld War II.

Coordinates: 35°56′33″N 8°49′42″E / 35.942366°N 8.828373°E / 35.942366; 8.828373