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Ukraine is subdividit intae 24 oblasts (regions), ane autonomous republic, an twa "ceities wi special status".

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

The seestem o Ukrainian subdiveesions reflects the kintra's status as a unitary state (as statit in the kintra's constitution) wi unifeed legal an admeenistrative regime for each unit. Housomeivver, experts agree that the wide autonomy o Crimea, the cultural an historical differences atween regions, combined wi lack o clarity in separation o pouers atween the levels o govrenment diminish the formal unity o Ukraine significantly. The issue o admeenistrative reform are routinely brocht up an several projects wur proposed, but failed tae get significant traction. Some o the proposed steps include the integration o a few sma oblasts, broadenin o oblast an ceity authority, clarifyin the authority an eliminatin the competeetion atween the locally electit an centrally appointit bodies.

For an unnerstaundin o the cultural an socioeconomic differences athin the kintra, a knowledge o the Ukrainian historical regions is crucial in studyin the admeenistrative structur.

General scope o admeenistrative diveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cairt o the first level o admeenistrative diveesion o Ukraine.

The admeenistrative diveesion in Ukraine wis directly inheritit frae the local republican admeenistration o the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian SSR, an haes no chyngit majorly syne the middle o 20t century. It is somewha complex as beside haein couple o levels o a territorial subdiveesion, it haes its awn classification for various settlements an aw.

Structur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare are three major subdiveesions: oblast (region), raion (destrict), an rada (municipality) ceity, toun, an rural.

Ceities aaways hae thair awn form o sel-admeenistration (municipality) dependin on thair status an some mey conseest o thair awn ceity's destricts (raions). A basic an the lawest level o admeenistrative diveesion is a municipality (or rada - cooncil). Municipalities can be ceity, urban or rural, locally abbreviatit as miskradas, selyshchna rada or silradas, respectively.

Ceities municipalities

For ensaumple, the municipalities o Kiev an o Sevastopol hae the special status o a naitional importance (significance) an each is offeecially classifeed as a ceity wi a special status, which admeenistratively is equivalent tae an oblast (region). Mayors o thae ceities, in general, as govrenors o oblasts are bein appointit bi the Preses o Ukraine. Housomeivver, the status o the Mayor o Kiev ceity, in pairticular, is somewha mair complex, an for faur information see Legal status an local govrenment o Kiev. The status o the Sevastopol ceity is unique an aw.

On the oblast level amaist each hae at least ane ceity o oblast subordination (importance) which is the admeenistrative center (caipital) o that oblast. Housomeivver, some ither big ceities athin the oblast mey hae sic status as well. The ceities o oblast subordination hae the same importance o a whole raion an aften are the admeenistrative centers o sic. Note that beside the regular raions thare are several ceities in Ukraine uisually o naitional (mentioned earlier) or oblast status that are subdividit intae several ceity raions o thair awn. Those raions mey whiles include ither ceities, touns, an/or veelages. In 2010 thare wur 23 sic ceities that hae ceity raions.

A lot o raions hae ceity municipalities o its level o subordination (importance) an aw. Those are uisually the admeenistrative centers (caipitals). Notice that no aw raions (destricts) hae a ceity as thair admeenistrative center, housomeivver aw the raion (destrict) centers are at least urban-lik (urbanized). Aw admeenistrative centers hae thair awn form o sel-admeenistration. The municipalities o a raion subordination mey admeenister several ither adjacent tae them local councils (municipalities), uisually rural. If raion haes several ceities o raion (destrict) level, thay mey share an admeenistrative pouer for the raion.

Ither municipalities

As it wis mentioned abuin, beside ceity municipalities thare are urban-lik municipalities. The lawest form o sel-admeenistration are rural municipalities an veelages. A rural municipality mey conseest o a single veelage, uisually big, or combination o ither rural veelages or localities. Note that some veelages hae some additional vera sma settlements an aw. Those settlements thegither wi the hame veelage combine a local (rural) municipality (silrada). For simplicity sake, silrada (rural municipality) is uisually referred tae as a veelage an is the lawest level o admeenistrative diveesion. The status tae ony settlement is grantit throu the Verkhovna Rada.

Ither admeenistrations

Thare are some umwhile military installation-settlements (viiskove mistechko) an aw. Syne the faw o the Soviet Union, the secrecy o sic settlements wis "unveiled", housomeivver, thae touns bein subordinatit directly tae the Meenistry o Defence an dae no hae thair awn ceevil admeenistration. Sic military installations are lik ghost touns that are no even identifeed on a cairt. Ane o them is on the mairch o the Kiev an Zhytomyr Oblasts cried Makarov-1.[1] Thare is a special territory which is unner the jurisdiction o the Meenistry o Emergencies an aw. It is the territory which suffered the maist frae the Chernobyl Catastrophe, kent as the Zone o alienation. Some restrictit territories belang tae the Meenistry o Ecology (umwhile Natur Environment) an are considered natur sanctuaries (preserves).

Currently thare are three enclaves. The ceity o Slavutych is admeenistratively subordinatit directly tae the Kiev Oblast, while bein completely surroondit bi Belaroushie an Chernihiv region. Anither enclave is a settlement Bile which is locatit on the Snake island an is fully surroondit bi the Black Sea. Bile is pairt o the Vylkove ceity o the Odessa Oblast. Atoun o Kotsyubynske (Irpin municipality) which is pairt o the Kiev region is completely surroondit bi the ceity o Kiev an aw.

Ither nomenclaturs for local settlements that are nou abandoned include khutir, wirkers' settlement etc.

The follaein table is based on the 2001 Ukrainian Census.

Degree o diveesion Territorial Number Ceities/ither settlements Number Tot settlements
1 Crimea 1 - - -
region/oblast 24 special status ceity 2 459
2 destrict/raion 490 region level ceity 178
- - ceity destrict 118
3 - - destrict level ceity 279
municipality, toun/urban-type 783 ither toun/urban-type settlement 102 885
4 municipality, rural 10278 veelage 27190 28456
5 - - rural settlement/selyshche 1266

Types o settlements[eedit | eedit soorce]

Settlements bi Status
Status [1] Archived 2007-12-31 at the Wayback Machine Status
(in Ukrainian)
Tot Number
(as o 2006)
misto / ceity місто 457
  municipality місто зі спеціальним статусом 2
  misto oblastnoho znachennia місто областного значення 176
  misto raionnoho znachennia місто районного значення 279
selyshche miskoho typu / toun селище міського типу 886
selo / veelage сільський населений пункт 28,552
  selysche селище 1,364
  selo село 27,188

Thare are twa types o settlements: rural an urban.


Rural populatit auries (сільський населений пункт) can be aither a veelage (село, selo) or a rural settlement (селище).


Urban populatit auries (міський населений пункт) can be aither a ceity (місто) or an urbanized settlement (селище міського типу). Urbanized settlements for a brevity sake aften are classifeed as touns in the Scots leid.

The chynges tae a settlement status can be done anerlie bi the Verkhovna Rada. Please, note that the size o a settlement daes no ultimately define its status awtho is a major factor. For ensaumple, the ceity o Prypiat in Ukraine still retains its status, while haein a population o zero (0) residents due tae its infrastructur: biggins, roads, utility netwirks, etc.

Ceity vs. toun in Ukraine

The teepical Ukrainian misto ought tae be considered a ceity, no a toun (compare tae Ceity status in the Unitit Kinrick). Housomeivver, the ceity's subordination tae aither oblast or raion should be taken intae accoont an aw, especially in the political sense. Some o urbanized settlements mey be ceities o raion subordination, awtho it coud seem confusin, a type o settlement shoud be considered first as its status is gien for admeenistrative purposes.

Leet o regions[eedit | eedit soorce]

List o Ukraine's oblasts
Region Aurie (sq mi) Population (2010) Density Centre ceity Raions/Destricts Important ceities
 Crimea 10,038.0 1,965,031 195.76 Simferopol 14 11
 Cherkasy Oblast 8,069.5 1,291,135 160.00 Cherkasy 20 6
 Chernihiv Oblast 12,303.1 1,104,241 89.75 Chernihiv 22 3
 Chernivtsi Oblast 3,126.3 903,782 289.09 Chernivtsi 11 2
 Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 12,322.1 3,344,073 271.39 Dnipro 22 13
 Donetsk Oblast 10,238.3 4,448,031 434.45 Donetsk 18 28
 Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 5,366.8 1,380,770 257.28 Ivano-Frankivsk 14 5
 Kharkiv Oblast 12,129.4 2,755,177 227.15 Kharkiv 27 7
 Kherson Oblast 10,988.9 1,091,151 99.30 Kherson 18 3
 Khmelnytskyi Oblast 7,971.1 1,331,534 167.05 Khmelnytskyi 20 6
 Kiev Oblast 10,861.4 1,719,602 158.32 Kiev 25 13
 Kirovohrad Oblast 9,493.5 1,014,809 106.90 Kropyvnytskyi 21 4
 Luhansk Oblast 10,302.7 2,300,412 223.28 Luhansk 18 4
 Lviv Oblast 8,429.8 2,545,634 301.98 Lviv 20 9
 Mykolaiv Oblast 9,497.3 1,186,452 124.93 Mykolaiv 19 5
 Odessa Oblast 12,861.1 2,387,636 185.65 Odessa 26 7
 Poltava Oblast 11,099.7 1,493,668 134.57 Poltava 25 5
 Rivne Oblast 7,740.2 1,152,576 148.91 Rivne 16 4
 Sumy Oblast 9,202.4 1,166,765 126.79 Sumy 18 7
 Ternopil Oblast 5,337.1 1,086,694 203.61 Ternopil 17 1
 Vinnytsia Oblast 10,236.7 1,646,250 160.82 Vinnytsia 27 6
 Volyn Oblast 7,777.6 1,038,223 133.49 Lutsk 16 4
 Zakarpattia Oblast 4,933.2 1,246,323 252.64 Uzhhorod 13 5
 Zaporizhia Oblast 10,494.3 1,805,431 172.04 Zaporizhia 20 5
 Zhytomyr Oblast 11,518.2 1,283,201 111.41 Zhytomyr 23 5
 Kiev (Kyiv) 323.9 2,782,016 8589.12 Kiev 10 1
 Sevastopol 416.6 380,301 912.87 Sevastopol 4 2

Namin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Names o Ukraine's admeenistrative units
Ukrainian Romanized¹ Scots widespread Scots recommended (formal uise) Scots recommended (informal uise)
автономна республіка avtonomna respublika (autonomous) republic autonomous republic autonomy
область oblast' region², province oblast province
район raion destrict, region³, aurie, coonty raion destrict
місто misto ceity, municipality misto ceity, municipality5
місто зі спеціальним статусом misto zi spetsial'nym statusom special-status municipality, special-charter municipality4 municipality municipality, ceity
місто областного значення misto oblastnoho znachennia ceity o oblast subordinance misto oblastnoho znachennia ceity o oblast subordinance
місто районного значення misto raionnoho znachennia ceity o raion subordinance misto raionnoho znachennia ceity o raion subordinance
селище міського типу selysche mis'koho typu toun, urban-type settlement selysche mis'koho typu toun, urban-type settlement
сільський населений пункт sil'skyi naselenyi punkt veelage, rural-type settlement selo veelage, rural-type settlement
селище selysche veelage selysche veelage
село selo veelage selo veelage


  1. Romanized uisin Ukrainian Naitional staundart. Details at Romanization o Ukrainian.
  2. Province is mair precise acause region mey refer tae supranaitional geographic entity an aw.
  3. Region is ambiguous syne it uisually refers tae lairger naitional-level units; aurie is inaccurate.
  • 4. Mey be referred as republican status an aw.
  • 5. Ceity refers exclusively tae the ceity admeenistration (uisually smawer ceities), while some ceities include ither urban an rural admeenistrations sic collective admeenistrations form ceity cooncils - municipalities.

Oblast[eedit | eedit soorce]

Uncommon in Inglis leid term oblast in Ukraine is interchyngeably uised wi mair common region which is a general term uised for oblasts an the Republic o Crimea. Maist o Ukraine's oblast (regions) are named efter thair admeenistrative centers (aw ceities). Each region generally consists o aboot ane tae twa million o fowk an haes aboot 20 destricts (raions).

Nomenclatur grammatical aspect

The name o each oblast is a relative adjective, formed bi addin a feminine suffix tae the name o respective centre ceity. E.g. Poltava is a centre o Poltavs'ka oblast' (Poltava Oblast). Maist o them are sometimes referred tae in a feminine noun form an aw, follaein the convention o traditional regional place names, endin wi the suffix "-shchyna". E.g. Poltava Oblast is cried Poltavshchyna an aw.

Exceptions tae this rule include:

  • Twa oblasts, Volyn an Zakarpattia, which retain the names o their respective historical regions, Volyn' (Volhynia) an Zakarpattia (Transcarpathie), whose respective caipitals are Lutsk an Uzhhorod.
  • Twa ceities: Kiev which is an independently admeenistrated ceity frae the surroondin Kiev Oblast an Sevastopol which is, while locatit on the Crimean peninsula, admeenistratively no pairt o Crimea. Kiev is, housomeivver, the admeenistrative centre o Kiev Oblast (admeenistrative bodies o the oblast are situatit inside the ceity) an aw.

An oblast centre in Ukraine is uisually the lairgest an maist developit ceity in gien region.

Oblasts whiles referred tae as provinces, housomeivver historically provinces wur pairt o admeenistrative diveesion o the Roushie Empire, territories o which the day aften are different. For ensaumple, the umwhile Volhynie province encompasses the Rivne Oblast, the Volyn Oblast, an includes some territories in the Ternopil Oblast an aw. See Leet o etymologies o kintra subdiveesion names: "Ukraine" as weel.

Autonomous Republic o Crimea[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Autonomous Republic o Crimea (Ukrainian: Автономна Республіка Крим, Avtonomna Respublika Krym, Crimean Tatar: Qırım Muhtar Cumhuriyeti), umwhile Crimea Oblast o the Ukrainian SSR, is geographically the main pairt o Crimean peninsulae in the sooth o Ukraine. Its caipital is Simferopol.

Raions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Raions are sma territorial units o subdiveesion o Ukraine. Thare are 490 raions in 24 oblasts an Crimea autonomous republic o Ukraine. An average aurie o Ukrainian raion is 1,200 km2 (463 sq mi), an average population o raions is 52,000 fowk.

Metro Auries[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ukraine haes five major agglomeratit metropolitan auries (conurbations).

Ither minor metro auries are:

Thir conurbation auries are nae offeecially recognised an remain tae be administered accordin tae offeecial oblast-raion seestem o subdiveesion.

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