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Zakarpattia Oblast

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Zakarpattia Oblast

Закарпатська область
Zakarpats’ka oblast’
Banner o Zakarpattia Oblast
Coat o airms o Zakarpattia Oblast
Coat airms
[Закарпаття (Zakarpattia)] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help), "Transcarpathia"
Location o Zakarpattia Oblast (red) athin Ukraine (blue)
Location o Zakarpattia Oblast (red) athin Ukraine (blue)
Kintra Ukraine
Established22 Januar 1946
Admin. centreUzhhorod
Lairgest ceetiesUzhhorod, Mukachevo, Khust, Berehove, Vynohradiv
 • GovernorOleksandr Ledyda (Pairty o Regions)[1][2]
 • Oblast cooncil90 seats
 • ChairpersonMykhailo Kichkovskyi (NU)
 • Total12,777 km2 (4,933 sq mi)
Area rankRanked 23rd
 • Total1,241,887
 • RankRanked 17t
 • Density97/km2 (250/sq mi)
 • Offeecial leid(s)Ukrainian1
 • Average salaryUAH 1070.45 (2006)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
Aurie code+380-31
ISO 3166 codeUA-21
Ceeties (tot)11
FIPS 10-4UP25
1 The Hungarian leid haes some minority richts in seiven veelages o the Mukachivskyi Raion.[3]

The Zakarpattia Oblast (Ukrainian: Закарпатська область, translit. Zakarpats’ka oblast’; see ither leids) is an admeenistrative oblast (province) locatit in soothwastren Ukraine. Its admeenistrative centre is the ceety o Uzhhorod. Ither major ceeties athin the oblast include Mukachevo, Khust, Berehove an Chop which is hame tae railwey transport infrastructur.

Zakarpattia Oblast wis formally established on 22 Januar 1946 efter the annexation o Transcarpathian Hungary tae the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic tae fulfill the petition filed bi Carpatho-Ukraine afore Warld War II. Some scholars say that durin the Ukrainian unthirldom referendum held in 1991, Zakarpattia Oblast voters wur gien a separate option on whether or no thay favored autonomy for the region.[4] Awtho a lairge majority favored autonomy, it wis no grantit.[4] Housomeivver, this referendum wis aboot sel govrenment status, no aboot autonomy (lik in Crimea).[5]

Situatit in the Carpathian Muntains o wastren Ukraine, Zakarpattia Oblast is the anerlie Ukrainian admeenistrative diveesion which borders upon fower kintras: Poland, Slovakie, Hungary, an Romanie. The Carpathian Muntains play a major pairt in the oblast's economy, makkin the region an important tourist an traivel destination hoosin mony ski an spa resorts.

The oblast is ranked 23rd bi aurie an 17t bi population. Accordin tae the 2001 Ukrainian Census, the population o Zakarpattia Oblast wis 1,254,614. This tot includes fowk o mony different naitionalities o which Hungarians, Romanies an Rusyns constitute significant minorities in some o the province's ceeties, while in ithers, thay form the majority o the population (as in the case o Berehove).

The majority o the Carpathian Muntains is forestit, but no for hintle langer as the Ukrainian govrenment is quickly deforestin the extensive forest that covers the muntains.


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