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Banner o Rusyns[1]

Coat o airms o Rusyns
Tot population
(est. 1.2-1.6 million)[2][3]
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 United States8,934[note 1][7]
 Czech Republic1,109[10]
 Poland638–10,531[note 2][11]
 Romanie200–4,090[note 3][12][13][14]
Rusyn · Ukrainian · Slovak
Serbian · Hungarian
Maistly Greek Catholic (Ruthenian Greek Catholic Kirk) wi Eastren Orthodox minority (Roushie Orthodox Kirk an Serbie Orthodox Kirk)
Relatit ethnic groups
Ukrainians, Slovaks, Poles, Hungarians

Rusyns (Rusyn: Русины / Rusynŷ), whiles cried Rusnaks (Rusyn: Руснакы / Rusnakŷ), kent as Carpatho-Ruthenians or Carpatho-Roushies (Rusyn: Карпато-Русини / Karpato-Rusyny) forby, are an East Slavic fowk that spik the Rusyn leid.

Thay came fae an East Slavic fowk that bade in the northren airts o the Eastren Carpathies fae the Early Middle Ages. Thegither wi ither East Slavs fae neebourin airts, thay war aften cried by the common exonym Ruthenians, or by the mair speceefic name Carpathie Ruthenians, wi sub-gruip names sic as Dolinyans, Boykos, Hutsuls an Lemkos. Unalike thair neebours tae the east, that adoptit the uise o the ethnonym Ukrainians in the early 20t yearhunner, Rusyns haint thair name. As woners o northeastren airts o the Carpathie Moontains, Rusyns are closely connectit tae, an sumtimes associatit wi, ither Slavic fowk in the airt, sic as the Wast Slavic heichlander community o Gorals (literally, "Heichlanders"). The uiss o the Rusyn ethnonym is aften poleeticised, particular acause o the thocht in modren Roushie that conseeders the Ruthenian naition pairt o the naition o Muckle Roushies.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The tot feegur is ainly an estimate - the sum o aw the referenced populations ablo.
  1. Respondents in the U.S. census identifee'd as Carpatho Rusyn
  2. Accordin tae o the 2011 Pols census, 10,531 respondents identifee'd as Lemkos, separately frae Rusyns.
  3. While an estimatit 200 fowk identifee'd thaimsels as "Rusyns" in 2011, in the 2002 Romanie census, 3,890 fowk identifee'd as Hutsuls (Romanie: Huțuli; Rusyn Hutsuly) – a minority that's memmers aften identifee as or are regairdit as a subgroup o the Rusyns. A faur 61,091 Romanie ceetizens identifee'd as Ukrainian (Romanian: Ucraineni). As the archaic exonym "Ruthenians" wis applied indiscriminately tae baith Rusyns an Ukrainians, some Ukrainian-Romanies mey an aw regaird thaimsels as Rusyns in the sense o a subgroup o a braider Ukrainian identity.

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