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The Great Russian Encyclopedia or Greit Roushie Encyclopedie (Roushie: Большая российская энциклопедия, or БРЭ; translit. Bolšaja rossijskaja enciklopedija) is a new universal Roushie encyclopedie in 30 volumes, published syne 2004 bi Bolšaja Rossijskaja Enciklopedija publishers. It is releasit unner the auspices o the Roushie Academy o Sciences efter Preses Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree №1156 in 2002.[1]

The chief editor o GRE is the RAS Preses Yury Osipov. The editorial buird features 80 RAS memmers, includin Nobel Prize laureates Zhores Alferov an Vitaly Ginzburg.[1]

The first, introductory volume, releasit in 2004 is dedicatit tae Roushie. It is planned tae re-release ilka five years. Thare wur 18 volumes releasit atween 2005 an 2011, coverin the range frae "A" tae "Манизер" (Manizer).[1]

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