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Kharkiv Oblast

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Location o Kharkiv Oblast in Ukraine

Kharkiv Oblast (Ukrainian: Харківська область, translit. Kharkivs’ka oblast’; an aa referred tae as KharkivshchynaUkrainian: Харківщина) is an oblast (province) in eastren Ukraine. The oblast borders Roushie tae the north, Luhansk Oblast tae the east, Donetsk Oblast tae the sootheast, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast tae the soothwast, Poltava Oblast tae the wast an Sumy Oblast tae the northwast. The aurie o the oblast is 31,400 km², correspondin tae 5.2% o the tot territory o Ukraine.

The oblast is the third maist muckle region o Ukraine, wi a population o 2,857,751 (2004), mair nor hauf (1.5 million) o whom live in the ceety o Kharkiv, the oblast's admeenistrative center. While the Roushie leid is primarily spoken in the ceeties o Kharkiv oblast, elsewhaur in the oblast maist indwallers speak Ukrainian.


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The territory o the Kharkiv oblast haes been permanently inhabitit syne at least the late Paleolithic period (10,000–12,000 year ago) but airchaeological evidence indicates a human (Neanderthal) presence as early as the Mousterian period some 80,000 year ago.

The territory wis relatively spairsely inhabitit till the 1630s, when muckle nummers o Ukrainians began tae settle thare afore an durin the Khmelnytsky Uprisin. Maist o the settlers wur migrants frae the Dnieper region, mony o whom wur fleein fechtin atween Cossacks, Poles an Tatars. Thay cried the newly settled region the Sloboda Ukraine or Slobozhanshchina, as the aurie is still whiles cried, an ruled it frae the newly established fortress-ceety o Kharkiv (foondit 1656). In 1654, the region wis incorporatit intae Muscovy (an subsequently the Roushie Empire) unner the terms o the Treaty o Pereyaslav.

Ower the next 340 year, the aurie became hivily Roushifee'd. Kharkiv itsel became ane o the cultural an admeenistrative centres o the Roushie Empire in the mid-18t century, an served as the caipital o the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic frae 1919 till 1934, when the Soviet authorities muivit the caipital back tae Kiev. The modren Kharkiv oblast is a relatively recent creation, haein been established on 27 Februar 1932. Durin the Holodomor the population o the Kharkiv Oblast thegither wi Kiev Oblast suffered the maist. The region saw major fechtin durin Warld War II in several Battles o Kharkov atween 1941 an 1943.

Points o interest

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The follaein steids wur nominatit for the Seiven Wonders o Ukraine.


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Its population (as o 2001) is 2,895,800 million (1328900 males (45,9 %), 1566900 females (54,1%)).

As o the 2001 census, the ethnic groups athin the Kharkiv Oblast are:

the groups bi native leid:


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The Kharkiv oblast haes a primarily industrially based economy, includin ingineerin, metallurgy, manufacturin, production o chemicals an fuid processin. It an aa haes an important agricultural sector wi 19,000 square kilometres o arable land (comprising 5.9% o the tot arable lands o Ukraine).

An aa in Kharkiv is the Airplane plant for space controllin seestems. It is a major centre for aw branches o ingineerin, frae muckle-scale manufactur tae microelectronics. An aa situatit in Kharkiv Oblast is a gas field, which is ane o the biggest in Ukraine.


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Detailed cairt o Kharkiv Oblast.

The Kharkiv Oblast is admeenistratively subdividit intae 27 raions (destricts), as well as 7 ceeties (municipalities) which are directly subordinate tae the oblast govrenment: Chuhuiv, Izium, Kupiansk, Liubotyn, Lozova, Pervomaiskyi, an the admeenistrative centre o the oblast, Kharkiv.

Raions o the Kharkiv Oblast
In Scots In Ukrainian Admeenistrative Center
Balakliyskyi Raion Балаклійський район
Balakliys'kyi raion
Barvinkivskyi Raion Барвінківський район
Barvinkivs'kyi raion
Blyzniukivskyi Raion Близнюківський район
Blyzniukivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Bohodukhivskyi Raion Богодухівський район
Bohodukhivs'kyi raion
Borivskyi Raion Борівський район
Borivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Chuhuivskyi Raion Чугуївський район
Chuhuivs'kyi raion
Derhachivskyi Raion Дергачівський район
Derhachivs'kyi raion
Dvorichanskyi Raion Дворічанський район
Dvorichans'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Iziumskyi Raion Ізюмський район
Iziums'kyi raion
Kehychivskyi Raion Кегичівський район
Kehychivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Kharkivskyi Raion Харківський район
Kharkivs'kyi raion
Kolomatskyi Raion Коломацький район
Kolomats'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Krasnohradskyi Raion Красноградський район
Krasnohrads'kyi raion
Krasnokutskyi Raion Краснокутський район
Krasnokuts'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Kupyanskyi Raion Куп'янський район
Kupyans'kyi raion
Lozivskyi Raion Лозівський район
Lozivs'kyi raion
Novovodolazkyi Raion Нововодолазький район
Novovodolaz'kyi raion
Nova Vodolaha
(Urban-type settlement)
Pechenizkyi Raion Печенізький район
Pecheniz'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Pervomaiskyi Raion Первомайський район
Pervomais'kyi raion
Sakhnovshchynskyi Raion Сахновщинський район
Sakhnovshchyns'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Shevchenkivskyi Raion Шевченківський район
Shevchenkivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Valkivskyi Raion Валківський район
Valkivs'kyi raion
Velykoburlutskyi Raion Великобурлуцький район
Velykoburluts'kyi raion
Velykyi Burluk
(Urban-type settlement)
Vovchanskyi Raion Вовчанський район
Vovchans'kyi raion
Zachepylivskyi Raion Зачепилівський район
Zachepylivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Zmiivskyi Raion Зміївський район
Zmiyivs'kyi raion
Zolochivskyi Raion Золочівський район
Zolochivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)


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Maist o Ukraine's oblasts are named efter thair caipital ceeties, offeecially referred tae as "oblast centers" (Ukrainian: обласний центр, translit. oblasnyi tsentr). The name o each oblast is a relative adjective, formed bi addin a feminine suffix tae the name o respective centre ceety: Kharkiv is the centre o the Kharkivs’ka oblast’ (Kharkiv Oblast). Maist oblasts are an aw whiles referred tae in a feminine noun form, follaein the convention o traditional regional place names, endin wi the suffix "-shchyna", as is the case wi the Kharkiv Oblast, Kharkivshchyna.

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