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Coat o airms o Izium
Coat o airms
Map o Ukraine wi Izyum heichlichtit.
Map o Ukraine wi Izyum heichlichtit.
Izium is locatit in Ukraine
Location o Izium
Coordinates: 49°12′46″N 37°15′25″E / 49.21278°N 37.25694°E / 49.21278; 37.25694
Kharkiv Oblast
Iziumskyi Raion
foondit 1681
ceety 1685
 • Mayor Vladimir Sepity
 • Total 43.6 km2 (16.8 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Tot 56,100
Postal code 64300
Aurie code(s) 380-5743
Licence plate АХ
Sister ceeties Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast
Wabsteid http://www.kharkivoda.gov.ua/show.php?page=izumska

Izyum (Ukrainian: Ізюм; an aa spelled Izium, Izum), is a ceety situatit on the Donets River in the Kharkiv Oblast (province) o eastren Ukraine. Servin as the admeenistrative centre o the Iziumsky Raion (destrict), the ceety itsel is an aa designatit as a separate raion athin the oblast, an is locatit approximately 75 miles (120 km) sootheast o the oblast caipital, Kharkiv.

First mentioned in 1571 in connection wi the Izium Warpath o the Crimean Tatars, Izyum wis a significant centre o the Sloboda Ukraine an hame tae a regiment o Cossacks atween 1688 an 1765. The delicht o the visitor tae the toun is the five-domed Baroque cathedral o the Saviour's Transfiguration (1684). Its remarkable similarity tae the auld cathedral o Kharkiv suggests the haund o the same maister. The cathedral wis renovatit in 1902 an restored in 1955. The kirks o Ascension (1819-21) an o St. Nicholas (1809-23) rank amang the finest Neoclassical biggins in the region.

Durin Warld War II, the Red Airmy held a lairge brigheid here, allouin for a salient that wis cut aff bi coonterattackin German forces an eliminatit in ane o the maist expensive learnin errors for the Reid Airmy.

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Coordinates: 49°12′46″N 37°15′25″E / 49.21278°N 37.25694°E / 49.21278; 37.25694