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Armenie fowk or Armenies (Armenie: հայեր, Armenian pronunciation: [hɑˈjɛɾ]) are a naition an ethnic group native tae the Armenie Heichland.

The lairgest concentration is in Armenie, haein a near homogeneous population wi 97.9% or 3,145,354 bein ethnic Armenie.[1] Acause o wide-rangin an lang-lastin diaspora, an estimatit tot o 3 million fowk o fou or pairtial Armenie ancestry live ootwi Armenie. As a result o the Armenie Genocide, a fair feck o survivors fled tae mony kintras ootower the warld, maist notably in Roushie, Unitit States, Fraunce, Iran, Georgie an ither pairts o Europe (see Armenie diaspora).

Christianity began tae spread in Armenie suin efter Jesus Christ's daith, due tae the efforts o twa o his apostles, Saunt Thaddeus an Saunt Bartholomew[2] In the early 4t century, the Kinrick o Armenie became the first naition tae adopt Christianity as a state releegion.[3] Maist Armenians adhere tae the Armenian Apostolic Church, a non-Chalcedonian kirk, whilk is the warld's auldest naitional kirk.

Armenie is an Indo-European leid isolate. Armenies speak twa mutually intelligible an written forms o thair leid: Eastren Armenie, thir days spoken mainly in Armenie, Iran an the umwhile Soviet republics, an Wastren Armenie, uised in the historical Wastren Armenie an, efter the genocide o Armenies in the Ottoman Empire, primarily amangst the Armenie diaspora.

The unique Armenian alphabet wis inventit in 406 AD bi the scholar an evangelizer Mesrob Mashtots.

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