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Berehove Raion

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Berehove Raion

Берегівський район
Banner o Berehove Raion
Coat o airms o Berehove Raion
Coat airms
Kintra Ukraine
Region Zakarpattia Oblast
Established9 November 1953
Admeen. centreBerehove
 • GovrenorIhor Svyshcho
 • Total635 km2 (245 sq mi)
120 m (390 ft)
 • Total54.062
 • Density0.085/km2 (0.22/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal index
Aurie code?

The Berehove Raion (Ukrainian: Берегівський район, Hungarian: Beregszászi járás) is a destrict (raion) in the Zakarpattia Oblast (province) in the wastmaist corner o Ukraine. The main ceety an admeenistrative centre is Berehove. For ower hauf o millennium the territory o the destrict wis pairt o Bereg Coonty.

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

The destrict covers 635 km2 (245 sq mi) an composes aboot 5.5% territory o the region. It is locatit at the sooth-wastren portion o the region on the border wi Hungary. The destrict borders wi such destricts o the region as Mukachevo, Uzhhorod, Irshava, an Vynohradove an aw.

Throu the destrict flow three rivers Tisza, Borzhava, an Salva. Maist o the territory is a open plain wi some elevation at its north-eastren portion, closer tae the Carpathie ridges.

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the 2001 Ukrainian Census, the population o Berehivskyi Raion wis 54,614[1](as o 2004), which is aboot 4% o the Zakarpattia region population. Aboot 50,000 reside in a landwart aurie.

Awtho ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine are in majority here (76.1%), ethnic groups are relatively numerous in Berehove Raion. The lairgest o these are Ruthenes (18.8%), Roushies (0.7%), Romani (4.1%).

Admeenistrative diveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Berehove destrict (raion) consists o ane toun municipality an 30 landwart municipalities, aw o which hae their respective admeenistrative cooncils (rada) an aw. The admeenistrative centre o the destrict is situatit in the ceety o Berehovo which is no pairt o the destrict admeenistration. The ceety o Berehovo wis designatit intae a special ceety municipality o regional significance in 2001. Some o the municipalities o the destrict consist o several dounsets, maistly landwart.

Note that maist o the dounsets regained their oreeginal Hungarian names syne the Ukrainian unthirldom. Some dounsets' names end wi o, unlike athin the Ukrainian grammar which requires endin e. Those names are tradeetional an in the local Ukrainian dialect.

Admeenistrative centre: Berehovo (Beregszász)

Toun municipality: Batiovo (Batyu)

Landwart municipalities:

  • Astei (Luzhenka atween 1945-1991, Asztély)
  • Badalovo (Badaló)
  • Batrad (Bótrágy), combines twa veelages Betrad an Horonhlab (Dzvinkoje atween 1920-1938, Kisharangláb)
  • Bene (Dobrosillya atween 1945-1991, Bene)
  • Berehuifalu (Nove Selo atween 1920-1938 an 1944-1991, Beregújfalu)
  • Borzhava (Velka Borshava atween 1920-1938, Nagyborzsova)
  • Vary (Variova atween 1920-1938, Mezővári)
  • Velyka Bakta (Nagybakta)
  • Velyki Berehy (Brehy atween 1920-1938, Nagybereg)
  • Velyka Biyhan (Nagybégány), combines veelages o Velyka Biyhan and Mala Biyhan (Kisbégány)
  • Halabor (Bodoliv, atween 1945-1991, Halábor)
  • Hat (Gát), combines veelages o Hat an Chikosh-Horonda (Čikosgorondov Dvor atween 1920-1938 an 1944-1945, Csikósgorond)
  • Hecha (Mezőgecse)
  • Hut (Harazdivka atween 1945-1991, Gút)
  • Dyida (Beregdéda)
  • Zapson (Zastavnoje 1945-1991, Zápszony)
  • Kvasovo (Kovászó)
  • Kidyosh (Zmiyivka atween 1945-1991, Kigyós)
  • Koson (Kosyno atween 1945-1995, Mezőkaszony)
  • Mochola (Macsola), combines veelages o Mochola an Hunyadi (Hunyadi)
  • Muzhiyevo (Nagymuzsaly)
  • Nyzhni Remety (Alsóremete), combines veelages o Nyzhni Remety an Verkni Remety (Felsőremete)
  • Orosiyevo (Sárosoroszi)
  • Popovo (Csonkapapi), combines veelages o Popovo, Male Popovo (Gašparov Dvor atween 1920-1938 an 1944-1945, Sonyachne atween 1945-1991, Tiszatanya or Papitanya), an Heten (Hetin atween 1920-1938 an 1944-1945, Lypove atween 1945-1991, Hetyen)
  • Rafainovo (Rafajna Nové Selo atween 1920-1938 an 1944-1945, Rafajnaújfalu)
  • Svoboda (Vel'ky Bakos atween 1920-1938 an 1944-1945, Nagybakos), combines veelages o Svoboda, Badiv (Badótanya), Bakosh (Kisbakos), an Danylivka (Danilovka)
  • Chetfalva (Chetovo atween 1945-1991, Csetfalva)
  • Choma (Tiszacsoma)
  • Shom (Derenkovets atween 1945-1991, Beregsom), combines veelages o Shom an Kashtanovo (Vel'ky Dvor atween 1920-1938 an 1944-1945, Vadastanya)
  • Yanoshi (Janosovo atween 1920-1938, Ivanivka atween 1945-1991, Makkosjánosi), combines veelages o Yanoshi an Balazher (Blazhejovo atween 1920-1938 an 1944-1945, Dzvinkoye atween 1945-1991, Balazsér)

Note: Hungarian name o places are gien in parenthesis.

Transportation[eedit | eedit soorce]

Map o Zakarpattia wi the Berehove destrict heichlichtit (Cyrillic).

Throu the destrict runs ane o the European route which in fact consists o twa different anes an . The heich-gate runs frae the north frae Mukacheve straicht tae Berehove efter which it continues on sooth-east alang the Hungarian border towards Romanie. A regional heich-gate o a state importance Template:Road marker simple branches awa frae E58/81 in Berehove towards the Hungarian border an in the Astei municipality is goin throu a border checkpoint travelin towards Jánd (Hungary). Frae Berehove oreeginates a naitional heich-gate an aw that travelin throu Vynohradiv heids towards Khust, connectin tae H09.

Beside the Astei checkpoint thare twa ithers o local importance locatit in the wastren portion o the destrict, ane in the Koson municipality, anither ane in the Batrad.

Oot o local heich-gates throu the destrict run such heich-gates as T0714, T0707, T0715, T0731, T0717. The biggest local heich-gate is Template:Road marker simple which runs throu maist o the destrict.


Thare are sax railwey stations oot o which the stations in Batyovo an Berehove are the biggest. The station Batyovo, in fact, is situatit at the intersection connectin such important ceeties o the region as Chop, Mukacheve, an Berehove.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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