Dnieper River

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Roushie: Днепр (Dnepr)
Belaroushie: Дняпро (Dniapro)
Ukrainian: Дніпро (Dnipro)
Kintras Roushie, Belarus, Ukraine
 - left Sozh, Desna, Trubizh, Supiy, Sula, Psel, Vorskla, Samara, Konka, Bilozerka
 - right Drut, Berezina, Prypiat, Teteriv, Irpin, Stuhna, Ros, Tiasmyn, Bazavluk, Inhulets
Ceeties Dorogobuzh, Smolensk, Mahilyow, Kiev, Cherkasy, Dnipro
 - location Valdai Hills, Roushie
 - elevation 220 m (722 ft)
 - coordinates 55°52′00″N 33°41′00″E / 55.86667°N 33.68333°E / 55.86667; 33.68333
Mooth Dnieper Delta
 - coordinates 46°30′00″N 32°20′00″E / 46.50000°N 32.33333°E / 46.50000; 32.33333Coordinates: 46°30′00″N 32°20′00″E / 46.50000°N 32.33333°E / 46.50000; 32.33333
Lenth 2,290 km (1,423 mi)
Basin 516,300 km2 (199,345 sq mi)
Discharge for Kherson
 - average 1,670 m3/s (58,975 cu ft/s)
Dnieper River drainage basin

The Dnieper River /ˈnpər/ is ane o the major rivers o Europe (fowert bi length), risin near Smolensk an flawin through Roushie, Belarus an Ukraine tae the Black Sea. The tot length is 2,285 kilometre (1,420 mi) wi a drainage basin o 504,000 square kilometre (195,000 sq mi). The river is noted for its dams an hydroelectric stations. The Dnieper is an important navigable waterway for the economy o Ukraine an is connectit via the Dnieper-Bug Canal tae ither watterways in Europe.

In antiquity, the river wis kent tae the Greeks as the Borysthenes an wis pairt o the Amber Road. Arheimar, a caipital o the Goths, wis locatit on the Dnieper, accordin tae the Hervarar saga.