Banner o Slovakie

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The current form o the banner o Slovakie wis adoptit bi Slovakie's Constitution, which came intae force on 3 September 1992. The banner, in common wi ither Slavic naitions, uises the white, blue an reid colours.

Slovakie's banner in its current form (but wi anither coat o airms on it or athoot ony airms) can be datit back tae the revolutionary year 1848 (see: The Revolutions o 1848 in the Habsburg auries). It wis an aa uised semi-offeecially in Czechoslovakie afore Warld War II, bi the Slovak Republic durin WWII, an finally adoptit (athoot the coat o airms) on 1 Mairch 1990 as the banner o the Slovak Republic athin Czechoslovakie. The coat o airms wis addit on 3 September 1992 an a special law describin the details o the banner follaed in Februar 1993.

The blue triangle in the current banner o the Czech Republic, wi which Slovakie formed Czechoslovakie up tae the dissolution o Czechoslovakie, wis taken ower frae the blue strip o Slovakie's banner in 1920 intae the banner o Czechoslovakie. The banner o Czechoslovakie wis taken ower bi the Czech Republic in late 1992 in direct violation o the 1992 Act on the Diveesion o Czechoslovakie explicitly forbiddin state seembols tae be uised bi the twa successor states.

Syne the Slovak banner athoot the coat o airms is identical tae that o the modren banner o Roushie an it can an aa be compared tae the modren bannero Slovenie, the Constitution o Slovakie addit the naitional coat o airms in September 1992.