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Banner o Latvie

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The naitional banner o Latvie wis uised bi independent Latvie frae 1918 till the kintra wis occupied bi the Soviet Union in 1940. Its uise wis suppressed durin Soviet rule. Efter regainin its unthrildom, Latvie re-adoptit on Februar 27, 1990 the same reid-white-red banner. Tho offeecially adoptit in 1922, the Latvian banner wis in uise as early as the 13t century. The reid colour is whiles describit as seembolisin the readiness o the Latvians tae gie the bluid frae thair herts for freedom an thair willinness tae defend thair leeberty. An alternative interpretation, accordin tae ane legend, is that a Latvian leader wis woundit in battle, an the edge o the white sheet in which he wis wrapped wur stained bi his bluid. The white stripe mey staund for the sheet that wrapped him. This story is seemilar tae the legend o the oreegins o the banner o Austrick.