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State banner o Ukraine

The banner o Ukraine (Ukrainian: державний прапор України; translit.: derzhavnyy prapor Ukrayiny; literally ‘state flag of Ukraine’) is the naitional banner o Ukraine. The naitional banner wis offeecially adoptit for the first time in 1918 bi a short-lived Ukrainian Fowkrepublic. At that time the commonly uised yellae–blue banner haed awready turned intae blue an yellae an sportit a trident (tryzub) in the upper left corner. The insignie remained unchynged bi the successive govrenment o Pavlo Skoropadsky, an then bi the Directorate o Ukraine. Durin the Soviet era, Bolsheviks haed been uisin reid an later reid-blue flags as the offeecial banner o the Ukrainian SSR. The blue an yellae banner wis offeecially restored in 1992 follaein Ukrainian unthirldom.

Article 20 o the Constitution o Ukraine states “the State Flag o Ukraine is a banner o twa equally sized horizontal baunds o blue an yellae colour.”

Ukraine celebrates Flag Day ilka year on August 23.

Intrepretation o the colours[eedit | eedit soorce]

A modren interpretation o the meanin o the colours uised in the Ukrainian banner is that the colour blue represents the colour o the sky, an yellae seembolizes the lush gowden wheat fields o this kintra. This association is thocht tae hae been developed in the mid-nineteent century.

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