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The banner o Lithuanie consists o a horizontal tricolor o yellae, green an reid. It wis adoptit on 20 Mairch 1989, amost twa years afore the reestablishment o Lithuanie's unthirldom follaein the end o the Soviet Union. Afore its readoption, the banner haed been uised frae 1918 till 1940 whan Lithuanie wis occupied an then annexed bi the Soviet Union. This banner haed lichter colours. Efter a brief occupation bi Nazi Germany (1941–1945), frae 1945 till 1989, the Soviet Lithuanian banner consistit first o a generic reid Soviet banner wi the name o the republic, then chynged tae the reid banner wi white an green bars at the bottom. The last alteration tae the current banner occurred in 2004 whan the aspect ratio chynged frae 1:2 tae 3:5. The banner is identical tae the banner o the Dens island Ærø, an aa locatit bi the Baltic Sea.

Design an seembolism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Passed on 26 Juin 1991, the Law o the Republic o Lithuanie on the Lithuanian State Banner governs the design, sizes an uise o the state banner. The law wis last amended on Julie 8, 2004, wi the maist notable chynges includin the switchin o the naitional banner ratio frae 1:2 tae 3:5 an the offeecial adoption o a historical banner as the state (govrenment) banner. The amendment came intae force on September 1, 2004, efter it wis approved bi Preses Valdas Adamkus.[1]

The proper colours o baith the naitional an state banner are made accordin tae the Pantone Matchin Seestem, specifically Pantone textile-paper (TP). The ratio o baith the naitional an state banner must be 3:5, wi the staundart banner size tae be 1 meter bi 1.7 meters. Different sizes o the banner can be creatit, but thay must conform tae the colour codes an ratio requirements set in the law.[1]

The yellae in the banner is meant tae seembolise the golden fields o Lithuanie, the green is for its green kintrasides, an the reid represents aw the bluid that haes been shed for Lithuanie.[2] The offeecial Pantone colours hae been published syne 2004; the leet ablo shows the offeecial colours an thair suggestit equivalents:

Scheme Yellow Green Red (Purpie)[3]
Pantone[4][5] 15-0955 TP / 1235 c/u 19-6026 TP / 349 c/u 19-1664 TP / 180 c/u
RGB[5] 253-185-19 0-106-68 193-39-45
Web colors[5] fdb913 006a44 c1272d
CMYK[5] 0-30-100-0 100-55-100-0 25-100-100-0

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