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The banner o Transnistrie is a version o the umwhile banner o the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. The current form wis adoptit bi the 2000 Law aboot State Seembols.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The banner o the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic serd as the republic's banner till the dissolution o the Soviet Union in 1991. When Moldovae became independent, some places in Transnistrie refused tae fly the new Moldovan banner an continued tae fly the banner o the Soviet Union. Continued uise o the banner o the umwhile Moldavian SSR wis popular an it wis offeecially reintroduced as the banner o Transnistrie in 2000.

Uisage[eedit | eedit soorce]

For govrenment uisage, anerlie the state banner is valid. But Transnistrian law permits the uise a simplified version o the banner for non-govrenmental uise (i.e., personal an commercial uisage), athoot hammer an sickle an red starn, an athoot regard tae shape or size. The maist common size is still 1:2, but 2:3 versions hae been uised an aa.

Transnistrian number plate wi the simplified banner in the corner

Ither banners[eedit | eedit soorce]

The presidential banner is a 1:1, yellae fringed version o the ceevil banner wi the coat-o-airms in the centre. The current version wis adoptit on 18 Julie 2000 an replaced an earlier version datin frae 1997.

The airmy banner is currently a blue banner wi a yellae bund reid cross.[1] It is seimilar tae that o the Moldovan airmy, but disna include the Moldovan coat-o-airms.

A customs banner is an aa in uise bi Transnistrian customs. It is a primarily green banner wi twa reid baunds at the bottom. The central pairt o the banner is dominatit bi the seembol o Transnistrian customs.[2][3]

Future[eedit | eedit soorce]

New proponed banner o Transnistrie, vera similar tae the banner o the Roushie Federation

In 2009, a proposal wis discussed in parliament tae replace the ceevil banner (plain red-green-red) wi a new banner, cairryin three horizontal stripes in the colours white, blue an reid, being amaist identical tae the banner o the Roushie Federation, but wi different aspect ratio (1:2 insteid o Roushie's 2:3).[4][5][6] The reasons statit for the chynge o the banner include the desire tae create closer ties wi Roushie, a guarantor o Transnistrie's unthirldom frae Moldovae. In a 2006 referendum, 97.2% o Transnistrians votit in favour o increased association wi Roushie. The new banner wad be uised alangg wi the current state banner.

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