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Banner o Croatie

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The Croatian banner consists o three equal size, horizontal stripes in the pan-Slavic colours reid, white an blue. An aa, banner o Croatie is the combination o colours o banners o Kinrick o Croatie (red an white), Kinrick o Slavonie (white an blue) an Kinrick o Dalmatie (red an blue). That three Kinricks are three historic constituent states o the Croatian Kinrick. In the middle is the Coat o airms o Croatie.

The reid-white-blue tricolour haes been uised as the Croatian banner syne 1848, seembolisin the Pan-Slavic colours. While the Banovinae o Croatie existit athin the Kinrick o Yugoslavie, it haed a seemilar banner athoot the modren croun abuin the chequy. While Croatie wis pairt o SFR Yugoslavia its tricolour wis the same, but it haed a five-pointit reid starn wi a yellae border in place o the coat o airms. The starn wis replaced bi the coat in Mey 1990, shortly efter the first multi-pairty elections. The current banner an the coat o airms wur offeecially adoptit on December 21, 1990, aboot ten month afore the proclamation o unthrildom frae Yugoslavie an a day afore the Constitution o Croatiw on 22 December 1990. The shield is in the reid an white checks o Croatie. Abuin is a croun made o shields o its various regions. Frae left tae richt thay are the auncient airms o Croatie, Dubrovnik, Dalmatie, Istrie, an Slavonie.

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