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Flag of Hungary.svg

The banner o Hungary is a tricolor wi horizontal baunds o red, white an green. This form is the offeecial banner o Hungary syne 1957.

Accordin tae tradition, the horizontal tricolor wis adoptit during the Revolution o 1848. The red seembolizes the strength, loyalty white an green hope.

Up tae 1945, coat o airms wi the ryal croun wis placed at the center o the flag.

Durin the period o communism (1948-1956) a shield wi the red starn wis placed at the center o the flag. Durin the Hungarian Revolution o 1956 that wis cut frae the flag an the flag wi a hole in the middle became a seembol o rebellion.

Follaein the fall o the new govrenment an the restoration o the communist regime, the flag wis introduced a new seembol, but no in an offeecial manner.

The day the flag is sometimes decoratit wi the coat o airms o Hungary in the historic center.

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