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Banner o the Czech Republic

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The naitional banner o the Czech Republic is the same as the banner o the umwhile Czechoslovakie. Upon the dissolution o Czechoslovakie the Czech Republic kept the Czechoslovak banner while the Slovak Republic adoptit its awn banner. The first banner o Czechoslovakie wis based on the airms, an wis white ower reid. This wis identical tae the Banner o Poland, sae a blue triangle wis addit at the hoist. The banner wis banned bi the Nazis in 1939, an a horizontal tricolor o white, red, an blue wis enforced. The oreeginal banner wis restored in 1945.

When the Czech an Slovak Republics separatit in 1993, the Czechs adoptit a banner identical tae the umwhile banner o the Czech an Slovak Federal Republic, in direct violation o the constitutional act that explicitly forbids umwhile federal seembols tae be uised bi the twa successor states.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The author o the banner is Jaroslav Kursa (1875–1950) [2], an archivist o the Depairtment o Hame Affairs, as the oreeginal author o the present banner appearance. The banner contains reid an white colors derived frae the auncient Coat o airms o Bohemie; acause the banner wis amaist identical wi the Pols banner an haed the same colors as the Austrian banner, a blue wedge wis addit in 1920 (The version athoot the wedge is identical tae the flag o Bohemie).

The banner wis offeecially approved bi the Naitional Assembly o Czechoslovakie (ČSR) on 30 Mairch 1920. Syne then, it haes been uised continuously, excludin the Warld War II occupation years.[3] Durin the Prague Ware (1968) an the Velvet Revolution (1989) the banner served as the dominant seembol o naitional unity.

Durin the 1992 negotiations aboot the details o dissolution o Czechoslovakie, on demand bi Vladimír Mečiar an Václav Klaus, a clause forbiddin uise o state seembols o Czechoslovakie bi successor states wis insertit intae the Law aboot dissolution o[deid airtin] ČSFR. Frae 1990 tae 1992, the reid an white Banner o Bohemie (differin frae the Pols banner anerlie bi proportion o the colours) offeecially served as the banner o the Czech Republic. Eventually, efter a sairch for new seembology the Czech Republic decidit tae keep the Czechoslovak banner wi an altered meanin, an this wis acceptit bi prominent Slovak vexillologists.

Dimensions[eedit | eedit soorce]

The blazon o this banner is per pall fesswise Argent, Azure, and Gules. The banner is formed frae an isosceles triangle that extends haufway alang the rectangle (a common mistake is tae draw it shorter) an twa baunds: ane white an ane reid.

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