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FIAV 111000.svg Naitional flag. Flag ratio: 1:1
Oratory Kirk o St Aloysius Gonzaga, Oxford, wi the flag o Vatican Ceety flyin at hauf mast the day efter the daith o Pape John Paul II.
The flag taken tae the Moon bi Apollo 11, displayed in the Vatican Museums wi some muin rocks

The banner o Vatican Ceety wis adoptit on Juin 7, 1929, the year Pape Pius XI signed the Lateran Treaty with Italy, creatin a new independent state governed bi the Holy See. The Vatican banner is modeled on the banner o the earlier Papal States.

The banner[eedit | eedit soorce]

The banner consists o twa vertical baunds, ane o gold (hoist side) an ane o white wi the crossed keys o Saunt Peter an the Papal Tiara centered in the white baund. The crossed keys consist o a golden an a silver key, in which the silver key is placed in the dexter position. The banner is ane o ae twa square kintra banners in the warld, the ither being the banner o Swisserland.

The Vatican Ceety coat o airms can be foond in the white hauf. The coat o airms consists o:

  • the papal tiara (as uised unner the pontificate o Pius XI);
  • the twa keys which represent the keys tae Heaven (accordin tae the Gospel o Matthew 16:19) given bi Jesus Christ tae St. Peter. The popes are regardit as the successor o Peter, an the gold an silver keys hae been significant elements in the seembolism o the Papal State syne the 13t century. The gold represents spiritual pouer, while the silver key represents warldly pouer.
  • a red cord connectin the keys.

The yellow an white o the banner an aa refer tae the keys – in heraldic terminology, there is nae distinction atween yellow an gold (the metallic color or), nor atween white an silver (argent).

The banner is flown or displayed warldwide in Roman Catholic kirks an institutions, uisually alangside the naitional banner o whaur the kirk or institution is locatit.

The flag o the Holy See[eedit | eedit soorce]

As statit abuins, the banner o the Vatican Ceety State shows the airms wi the silver key in the dexter position. In case o the banner o the Holy See, which is no the same as the Vatican Ceety State, the keys are reversed. When the Vatican Ceety State wis established in 1929, the keys in the airms o the Holy See, which shows the gold ane in dexter position, wur reversed tae provide a distinctive seembol for the new state. In the personal airms o the popes, the keys are arranged as in the airms o the Holy See. The opposite arrangement wad be equivalent tae treatin him as merely the heid o that little state.[1]

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