Banner o Belaroushie

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current banner o Belaroushie
FIAV 111000.svg Umwhile banner in uise in 1918, unoffeecially in Wast Belaroushie till 1939, atween 1942 an 1944 (durin German occupation) an atween 1991 an 1995

The current naitional banner o Belaroushie (Belaroushie: Сцяг Беларусі, Scyag Belarusi; Roushie: Флаг Беларуси, Flag Belarusi) wis formally adoptit on Juin 7, 1995, follaein the result o a referendum votit on bi the Belaroushie fowk in the previous month. This new design replaced a historical banner uised bi the Belaroushie Fowkrepublic o 1918, afore Belaroushie became a Soviet Republic, an again efter it regained its unthrildom in 1991. The current banner is a modification o the 1951 banner uised while the kintra wis a republic o the Soviet Union. Several banners uised bi govrenment offeecials an agencies wur based on the naitional banner.

A few groups hae continued tae uise the white an reid banner, tho its display in Belaroushie haes been restrictit bi the govrenment o Belaroushie due tae its association wi Nazi collaboration durin the Seicont Warld War. That banner is uised in protests against the govrenment an bi certain elements o Belaroushie diaspora.