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Banner o Belaroushie

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current banner o Belaroushie
Umwhile banner in uise in 1918, unoffeecially in Wast Belaroushie till 1939, atween 1942 an 1944 (durin German occupation) an atween 1991 an 1995

The current naitional banner o Belaroushie (Belaroushie: Сцяг Беларусі, Scyag Belarusi; Roushie: Флаг Беларуси, Flag Belarusi) wis formally adoptit on Juin 7, 1995, follaein the result o a referendum votit on bi the Belaroushie fowk in the previous month. This new design replaced a historical banner uised bi the Belaroushie Fowkrepublic o 1918, afore Belaroushie became a Soviet Republic, an again efter it regained its unthrildom in 1991. The current banner is a modification o the 1951 banner uised while the kintra wis a republic o the Soviet Union. Several banners uised bi govrenment offeecials an agencies wur based on the naitional banner.

A few groups hae continued tae uise the white an reid banner, tho its display in Belaroushie haes been restrictit bi the govrenment o Belaroushie due tae its association wi Nazi collaboration durin the Seicont Warld War. That banner is uised in protests against the govrenment an bi certain elements o Belaroushie diaspora.