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Coordinates: 46°N 25°E / 46°N 25°E / 46; 25


România  (Romanie)
Banner o Roumainie
Coat o airms o Roumainie
Coat o airms
AnthemDeșteaptă-te, române!
'"Awaken thee, Roumainie!"

Location o  Roumainie  (daurk green) – on the European continent  (green & daurk grey) – in the European Union  (green)  —  [Legend]
Location o  Roumainie  (daurk green)

– on the European continent  (green & daurk grey)
– in the European Union  (green)  —  [Legend]

44°25′N 26°06′E / 44.417°N 26.100°E / 44.417; 26.100
Lairgest ceetycapital
Offeecial leidsRoumains[1]
Recognised minority
Ethnic groups
GovrenmentUnitar semi-presidential
• Preses
Klaus Iohannis
• Prime Meenister
Marcel Ciolacu
Chaumer o Deputes
168 BC
275 – 10t century
• First Roumainien polities
10t century – 1330
• First union unner Michael the Brave
24 Januar 1859
9 Mey 1877 / 1878b
14 Mairch 1881
1 December 1918d
• Total
238,397 km2 (92,046 sq mi) (83rd)
• Water (%)
• 2021 estimate
19,186,201[4][5] (61t)
• 2021 census
20,121,641[3] (58t)
• Density
80.4/km2 (208.2/sq mi) (117th)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
$653.903 billion[6] (36t)
• Per capita
$33,833[6] (44t)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Tot
$289.130 billion[6] (47t)
• Per capita
$14,968[6] (67t)
Gini (2020)Steady 33.8[7]
HDI (2019)Increase 0.828[8]
verra heich · 49t
CurrencyRoumainien leu (RON)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd.mm.yyyy (AD)
Drivin sideright
Cawin code+40
ISO 3166 codeRO
Internet TLD.roe
  1. The dooble election o Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Moldavie an Wallachie (respectively, 5 an 24 Januar 1859).
  2. Unthirldom proclaimed on 9 Mey 1877, internaitionally recognised in 1878.
  3. The union o Roumainie wi Bessarabie, Bukovina an Transylvanie in 1918.
  4. Monarchy wis abolished on 30 December 1947 upon the proclamation o the Fowkrepublic an wis cheenged wi the new constitution upon its adoption on 21 August 1965 as the Socialist Republic. The Communist regime fell on 22 December 1989, the new democratic govrenment wis installed on 20 Mey 1990 an the new post-communist constitution wis adoptit on 21 November 1991. Roumainie jyned the European Union on 1 Januar 2007.
  5. An aa .eu, shared wi ither European Union member states.
Territorial organization

Romanie or Roumainie (Romanian: România [romɨˈni.a] ( listen)) is a sovereign state locatit in Sootheastren Europe. It mairches the Black Sea, Bulgarie, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbie, an Moldovae. It haes an area o 238,397 square kilometre (92,046 sq mi) an a temperate-continental climate. Wi awmaist 20 million fowk, the kintra is the seivent maist populous member state o the European Union. Its caipital an maistmuckle city, Bucharest, is the saxt-maistmuckle city athin the EU, wi 1,883,425 fowk as o 2011.[9]

The River Danube, Europe's seicont-maistmuckle river, rises in Germany an flowes in a general sootheast direction for 2,857 km (1,775 mi), coorsin throu ten kintras afore emptyin intae Roumainie's Danube Delta. The Carpathian Moontains, that cross Roumainie fae the north tae the soothwast, include Moldoveanu, at 2,544 m (8,346 ft).[10]

Modren Roumainie wis formed in 1859 throu a personal union o the Danubian Principalities o Moldavie an Wallachie. The new state, offeecially cried Roumainie sin 1866, gained unthirldom frae the Ottoman Empire in 1877. At the end o Warld War I, Transylvanie, Bukovina an Bessarabie unitit wi the sovereign Kinrick o Roumainie. In Warld War II, Roumainie wis an ally o Nazi Germany agin the Soviet Union, fechtin side bi side wi the Wehrmacht till 1944, whan it jyned the Allied pouers an faced occupation bi the Reid Airmy forces. Roumainie lost seeveral territories, tho Northren Transylvanie wis regotten efter the war. Follaein the war, Roumainie becam a socialist republic an member o the Warsaw Pact. Efter the 1989 Revolution, Roumainie begoud a transeetion thewart democracy an a caipitalist mercat economy.

Roumainie is a developin kintra an ane o the puirest in the European Union, rankin 50t in the Human Development Index,[11][12] awtho as o 2017 its economy is growin at an estimatit annual rate o 5%, tied wi Maltae for the heichest in the EU.[13] Follaein rapid economic growthe in the early 2000s, Roumainie haes an economy predominantly based on services, an is a producer an net exporter o machines an electric energy, featurin companies lik Automobile Dacia an OMV Petrom. It haes been a member o NATO syne 2004, an pairt o the European Union syne 2007. A strang majority o the population identifee thairsels as Eastren Orthodox Christians an are native speakers o Roumains, a Romance leid. The cultural history o Roumainie is eften referred tae whan dealin wi influential airtists, muisickers, inventors, an sportsfowk.


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