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Michael the Brave

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Michael the Brave (Romanie: Mihai Viteazu(l), Mihai Bravu, 1558 − 9 August 1601) wis the Prince o Wallachie (1593–1601), o Transylvanie (1599–1600), an o Moldavie (1600), the three Romanian principalities bein jynt in the form o personal union for a brief time unner his rule.

During his reign, which coincidit wi the Lang War, thir three principalities formin the territory o present-day Romanie an Moldovae wur ruled for the first time bi a single Romanian leader, tho the union lastit for less nor sax month. He is regardit as ane o Romanie's greatest naitional heroes.

His rule began in the Hairst o 1593, an twa years later the war wi the Ottomans startit, a conflict in which the Prince focht the Battle o Călugăreni, considered ane o the maist important battles o his reign. Awtho the Wallachians emerged victorious frae the battle, Michael wis forced tae retreat wi his troops an wait for aid frae his allies (prince Sigismund Báthory o Transylvanie, Emperor Rudolf II o Austrick). The war continued till a peace finally emerged in Januar 1597, but this anerlie lastit for a year an a hauf. Peace wis again reached in late 1599, when Michael wis unable tae continue the war due tae lack o support frae his allies.

In 1599 Michael wan the Battle o Şelimbăr an suin entered Alba Iulia, becomin the Prince o Transylvanie. A few months later, Michael's troops invadit Moldavie an reached its caipital, Suceava. The Moldavian leader Ieremia Movilă fled tae Poland an Michael wis declared Prince o Moldavie. Michael coud no keep the control o aw three provinces an the nobles o Transylvanie rose against him alang wi, tae a lesser extent, the boyars in Moldavie an Wallachie. Michael, allied wi the Austrian General Giorgio Basta, defeatit an uprisin bi the Hungarian nobility at Gurăslău. Immediately efter this, Basta ordered the assassination o Michael, which teuk place on 9 August 1601.