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Romani leid

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Romani or Romany, Gypsy or Gipsy[1] (Romani: rromani ćhib) is ony o a nummer o leids o the Romani fowk. Thay are Indic, whiles groupit in the "Central" or "Northwastren" zone, an whiles treatit as a brainch o thayr ain.

By the wey o Ethnologue, seiven varieties o Romany are unalike eneuch tae be thocht leids o thayr ain. The lairgest o thir are Vlax Romany (aboot 900,000 speakers)[2], Balkan Romany (700,000)[3], Carpathian Romany (500,000)[4] and Sinte Romany (300,000)[5].

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