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San José, Costa Rica

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San José
Dountoun San José
Dountoun San José
Banner o San José
Official seal of San José
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San José is located in Costa Rica
San José
San José
Coordinates: 9°56′N 84°5′W / 9.933°N 84.083°W / 9.933; -84.083
KintraCosta RicaCosta Rica
ProvinceSan José
CantonSan José
Foonditca. 1738
Caipital as o16 Mey 1823
 • TeepDemocratic Republic
 • MayorJohnny Araya Monge (PLN)
 • City44.62 km2 (17.23 sq mi)
1170 m (3,840 ft)
 • City365,799
 • Metro
 • Metro density8198.1/km2 (21,233/sq mi)
 • Demonym
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
Postal Code
Area code(s)+ 506
HDI (2007/2008)0.748 – high[1]

San José ("Saunt Joseph", Spaingie: San José, pronoonced: [saŋ xoˈse]) is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Costa Rica. Locatit in the Central Valley, San José is the seat o naitional govrenment, the focal point o poleetical an economic activity, an the major transportation hub o this Central American naition.

Foondit in 1738 bi order o Cabildo de León, San José is ane o the youngest caipital ceeties in Latin Americae bi year o conception, though it wis no named caipital till 1823.[2] The day it is a modren ceety wi bustlin commerce, brisk expressions o airt an architecture, an spurred bi the kintra's improved tourism industry, it is a significant destination an stopower for foreign visitors.[3]

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Escazu Ceety, wast San José

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