Pape Julius II

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Julius II
Bishop o Roum
Installed1 November 1503
Term endit21 Februar 1513
PredecessorPius III
SuccessorLeo X
Consecration1481 ?
bi Sixtus IV
Creatit Cardinal15 December 1471
bi Sixtus IV
Personal details
Birth nameGiuliano della Rovere
Born5 December 1443(1443-12-05)
Albisola, Republic o Genoa
Deed21 Februar 1513(1513-02-21) (aged 69)
Roum, Papal States
BuriedSan Pietro in Vincoli, Roum
PawrentsRafaello della Rovere an Theodora Manerola
BairnsFelice della Rovere
Previous postAirchbishop o Avignon (1474–1503)
Cardinal-bishop o Sabina (1479–1483)
Camerlengo o the Saucrit College o Cardinals (1479)
Cardinal-bishop o Ostia (1483–1503)
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Ither papes named Julius

Pope Julius II (Italian: Papa Giulio II; Laitin: Iulius II) (5 December 1443 – 21 Februar 1513), born Giuliano della Rovere, an nicknamed "The Fearsome Pape"[1] an "The Warrior Pope". In his nine-year pontificate his militar an diplomatic interventions avertit a tak-ower bi Fraunce o the Italian States (includin the Papal States).

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  1. Blech, Benjamin; Doliner, Roy. (2008). The Sistene Secrets. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers. p. 106. ISBN 978-0-06-146904-6. The term 'terrible' was first applied by Julius himself to Michaelangelo, and only later to the Pope by others: Pastor, VI, pp. 214–215.