Pape Celestine V

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Pape Saunt
Celestine V
Celestinus quintus.jpg
Installed 5 Julie 1294
Term endit 13 December 1294
Predecessor Nicholas IV
Successor Boniface VIII
Consecration 19 August 1294
bi Hugh Aycelin
Personal details
Birth name Pietro Angelerio
Born 1215
Near Isernia, Kinrick o Sicily
Died 19 Mey 1296 (aged c. 81)
Ferentino, Papal States
Previous post Superior-General o the Celestines (1274-1294)
Coat o airms {{{coat_of_arms_alt}}}
Feast day 19 May
Veneratit in Roman Catholic Kirk
Canonized 5 Mey 1313
bi Pape Clement V
Ither papes named Celestine

Pape Celestine V (Laitin: Caelestinus V; 1215 – 19 Mey 1296), born Pietro Angelerio (accordin tae some soorces Angelario, Angelieri, Angelliero, or Angeleri), an aa kent as Pietro da Morrone, Peter o Morrone, an Peter Celestine, wis Pape for five months frae 5 Julie tae 13 December 1294, when he resigned. He wis an aa a monk an hermit wha foondit the order o the Celestines as a branch o the Benedictine order.