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Pape Gregory VII

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Pape Saunt
Gregory VII
Installed22 Aprile 1073
Term endit25 Mey 1085
PredecessorAlexander II
SuccessorVictor III
Ordination22 Mey 1073
Consecration30 Juin 1073
Creatit Cardinal6 Mairch 1058
bi Pape Nicholas II
Personal details
Birth nameIldebrando di Soana
Bornc. 1020
Sovana, Tuscany, Haly Roman Empire
Deed(1085-05-25)25 Mey 1085
Salerno, Duchy o Apulie
Previous postCardinal-Deacon o Santa Maria Domnica (1058–73)
Feast day25 Mey
Veneratit inRoman Catholic Kirk
bi Pape Gregory XIII
Canonised24 Mey 1728
bi Pape Benedict XIII
PatronageDiocese o Sovana[1]
Ither papes named Gregory

Saunt Gregory VII (Laitin: Gregorius VII; c. 1015/1028[2] – 25 Mey 1085), born Hildebrand o Sovana (Italian: Ildebrando da Soana), wis Pape frae 22 Aprile 1073 tae his daith in 1085. Gregory VII wis beatified bi Pape Gregory XIII in 1584 an canonised in 1728 bi Pape Benedict XIII.[3]


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